About us

29.04.2023   |    Tarhan İnşaat   |
About us

As Tarhan Construction, with the knowledge and dynamism of years, we carry our people to a safer future by producing quality and aesthetic living spaces with the respect we have for our people and nature.Our story, which started with Viva Residence in Kağıthane, one of the fastest developing districts of Istanbul, continues with our projects that have taken place and are taking place all over Istanbul. Original, high quality and aesthetic projects that add value to its location...…

As Tarhan Construction, our priority in all our projects has always been to provide original, high quality and aesthetic natural living spaces that are at peace with the environment in order to leave beautiful tomorrows for our children. Because we don't just build a project, a building; We are building future living spaces for our children and happy living spaces for our adults.That is why we always do our job, which we are passionate about, with the excitement of the first day without getting tired and tired with the experience and accumulation of years.

We also know that we need to work harder to spread this happiness.